Sunday, December 28, 2014

We're Back

I have been completely neglectful of this blog (and my other ones) for over a year now and I want to apologize to all my readers.  I have very little to excuse this except to say I took a brand new job about 14 months ago and it pretty much took over my life.  I have been thinking I do want to continue writing about my diabetes and my beloved Bizz and since New Year's Eve is rapidly approaching perhaps this can be one of my resolutions.

My diabetes is actually doing quite well but only because I took some extreme action this year.  My diabetes had actually become much worse the past year or so - largely due to the fact that I was having to take more and more units of insulin to try and control my blood sugar. I was still walking 2-3 times per day and trying to regulate my eating but nothing was working.  I was in what I call the spiral - the more insulin I had to take, the less effective it was, the more weight I put on so I had to take more insulin, so I put on more weight so I took more insulin.... you can see where I was heading.  I had been given by Kaiser a diabetes educator but she was not working for me. 

My friend Anne had lost weight a few years before and I finally inquired whether that would be an option for me. Did Kaiser have a medical weight loss program.  It did.  I immediately called and got on the list for the next orientation session.  Luckily for me it was the week after my big conference (my biggest project of 2014 - more on it some later time).  I attended the orientation and immediately signed up for the class. The average weight loss was 44 lbs and it is an 82 week program. 

So I am now 3 months into the program and I have lost 48 lbs.  I feel amazing, I am almost completely off my insulin and my A1C dropped a full 6 points - and will continue to drop as I continue on the program.  I walk about 5 miles per day and so does Bizz.

This program is great and I look forward to sharing more about it and of course the wonderful Bizz in the coming months.