Tuesday, April 16, 2013

This is Bizz, This is Bizz on Drugs

This is how Bizz looked yesterday:

This is how he looked today trying to shake off his anesthesia:

You may wonder why I am showing you my poor wasted little dog.  Well I learned a lot today about dog ownership and thought I would share it.  Bizz and I both had dental appointments today.  I had to have two fillings repaired since all the crappy fillings I had as a kid seem to have degraded and need replacing.  I personally blame our old family dentist, who's name was and I'm serious, Doctor Schloctor.  Good grief. In any case diabetics have to pay a lot of attention to their mouths since tooth and gum problems can lead to serious complications, as can any sort of infection. It's why I often tell people if you are sick please don't come near me.  It takes me usually twice as long (minimum) to fight off a cold or flu and I usually end up at the doctor's office with messed up blood sugars in addition to whatever is making me sick.

Bizz had to go to the dentist (which is the vet but since he was doing dental I call him the dentist) because he has gum disease, bad tartar and his breathe could literally make your eyes water. The first day I had him Marina and I both thought he had gas but nope - it was his breath. In addition he had double ear infections so we had to see where they were going.  I also asked the doctor to trim the hairs near his one eye which were blocking his vision and while he was at it could he trim his toenails as well - so yes I turned the vet into a dentist, ear doctor, hair dresser and manicurist.  Just as in humans bad gums can lead to tooth loss but thank goodness Bizz had no extractions.  His ears are still infected (they were before I adopted him but I hadn't known enough to read the full medical report carefully enough until 2 weeks in) so we have new medications and another appointment in 3 weeks. 

The major difference between Bizz and I was that he was knocked out for his appointment and I had two shots of Novocain which made not only my teeth go numb but also my lips, cheeks and nose.  Afterwards he gave me a shot to reverse the Novocain so it wore off in two hours rather than 3 or 4.  Bizz on the other hand has been stoned for hours and keeps falling asleep all over the house.  He's had a small dinner and fresh cold water (to soothe his poor gums) and we're off to bed soon.

The dentist has adjusted his diet - saying Bizz is at his perfect weight - so he doesn't need too many extra treats but he can still have his once a day Greek yogurt treat. He couldn't believe Bizz likes Greek yogurt but I tell you  he just laps it up.  He told me that I should make Bizz sleep in another room in a crate but I actually think I'll have more of a problem with that than Bizz would. 

Question for my readers - where does your dog sleep?  And how the heck do you survive crate training?


  1. Peppi has a mat on the floor by the bed but during the night he jumps on the bed and sleeps by our feet. I like him there:)

  2. If he is an adult dog, he only needs to be crate trained if he is not house broken or is destructive.

  3. My dogs start off in the bed with us and then they go to bed in their room. They sleep on Kuranda beds. I had this bed for over 7 years now. It still looks good as new.