Wednesday, April 3, 2013

School and the Doctor - Pet ownership is a bit like having a child.

This week has been consumed with things around Bizzy's health and education.  On Monday night he rocked his obedience training class.  He got top dog for his ability to walk on a loose leash and to come when called.  I tried to explain he follows me everywhere so adding the word come doesn't actually do anything new but he impressed the trainer. She asked us to join her relay class but I'd like to get through this class first. 

We also had our first vet visit and Bizz did very well. Dr. Shapiro and his patients loved him - he was incredibly well behaved and allowing everything to be done.  He has ear infections in both ears and his teeth are not good at all.  I have to do daily ear cleanings, daily antibiotic treatments and then in two weeks he goes in for a day to be sedated for his deep teeth cleaning and bum treatment and any extractions.  I will personally be grateful if this means his breathe improves.  However, he is so sweet natured I don't worry about it.

Our walking continues - we're at 2-3 miles every day and honestly I can't sleep well without my evening walk now.  He loves to walk and he greets everyone we meet with a wag and a lick.  The older women in my neighborhood think he's great as do the children.

The doctor assured me the walking is good for him (us).  We did 1 1/2 miles today walking up to the tax preparers office. They were great with him - he got water and treats and dosed through the hour long meeting.  Tomorrow will be more of a test since he cannot go to the dentist with me.  Hopefully he and the house will survive.

Here is Bizzy on his travel bed surrounded by his toys and holding the new toy Dr. Shapiro gave him. What's funny is I don't tidy the toys to stay near him - he does it himself and gets very annoyed when I move them away.  So yes, I think my dog is a hoarder (or a neat freak like my mom).

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