Friday, April 12, 2013

Guaranteed or your money back

The challenge with having a dog is that you buy things with no idea whether he will like them or completely reject them.  Then you are left with an item that cost you a decent sum and of no earthly use to you.  There are four items that come into play this week that have failed to please Bizz.

1.  Peanut butter flavored training bites.  These expensive little suckers have completely failed to assist in Bizz training - in fact he rejects them outright, over and over.  So I have a mostly full bag of treats that cost over $10 and are of no earthly use.

2.  Bizz crate - I was assured when I got Bizz that he was crate trained.  I'm a bit confused about what that means since Bizz absolutely refuses to have anything to do with his crate and cried for two straight hours when he was in there on his first night. He has a bed for in the car, my bed and his three other pillow/beds in the house and if we fly I would attempt to smuggle him in my carry on - he did fit in my purse after all.  The crate was $49.

3.  All Trader Joe dog treats - these have all been firmly rejected.  He's had one piece of a chicken jerky type chew and he buried it in the yard and a clean breath minty green treat which I found buried in my couch.  The rest remain in their bags since I refuse to give him things to bury.  Another $15 of unused items.

4.  A foldable water bowl - this was a gift from Auntie Marina.  We had talked about the fact that it would be great to have a small foldable water bowl that Bizz could drink from when hiking.  Marina found one for the princely sum of $1 at Rite Aid and bought two - one for each of us.  We decided to test out the bowl's efficacy while lunching at The Sandwich Spot in Santa Clara today.  After I ordered I got my drink and then half filled Bizz foldable water bowl with lovely cold water. How do  I know it was cold you may ask?  Because by the time I got back to the table the bowl had become saturated with water and the cold water was pouring out the bottom of the bowl onto my feet and legs.  Good grief.  By the time I was done with my sandwich the bowl was empty through the ground around it was full of water. Bizz had taken one look in the bowl and walked away, deftly avoiding the water coming from it.  Total on the unworkable bowls $2.

So a total of roughly $75.  But here is the good news.  Pet Food Express guarantees everything and allows returns of even opened items.  So tomorrow back go the peanut treats and the crate.  Trader Joes also guarantees everything (wish I had know that before I tried and tossed their dehydrated seaweed snacks for myself) that you buy - so if you don't like it - take it back.  So Bizz and I will also go to TJ's to return the treats that are no treat for him. 

The bowls are another story - no receipt and I had taken off the tag.  The bowl was tossed into the garbage can as we completed our lunch.  Thankfully it was only a buck.

So what I have learned from this for all you future dog owners out there?  Don't buy anything for your pet from anyplace that doesn't allow you to return opened items.   And if something claims to be a travel bowl and does not hold water - what is it?

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  1. I found the best training treats to be tiny cubes of cheddar cheese. They don't cause cavities and as long as your dog doesn't get constipated are fine for training.