Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Taking Time to Stop and Smell the Roses and a Few Nasty Things as Well

One of the things I've found in my now multiple daily walks with Bizz is the need for variety.  If not for his sake then for mine. We have a routine late night walk which I like because it is safe, well lit and low traffic.  And I can practically do it in my sleep. Then we have some longer walks and I've taken to following different side streets as well. And then there are the drive to walk places - walks that I'm discovering through other dog owners who share openly the good places to take a dog.

One of the highlights of these walks has been my ability to truly appreciate just how glorious nature is here in California.  Many yards are full of lovely blooms - roses of all colors, many flowering plants and bushes, and great home décor. One house I particularly adore has old posts from a harbor out front linked by thick lengths of rope.  It reminds me of all sorts of little harbors along the east coast. 

Today, I took a new walk with Bizz in Los Gatos Creek Park.  This county park has a dog park with a small dog section (which Bizz played in a bit but was soon bored) a large reservoir stocked with fish and several great trails.  We did the 1 mile hike today but will do longer ones in the future.  As we circumnavigated the water I discovered that all nature does not smell sweet. I do not know what Bizz rolled in but it smelled pretty foul.  So much so that when we returned he immediately went into the sink to get the smell off of him.  He is now his usual fluffy sweet smelling self.  What struck me was how much this park reminded me of Verona Park, in Verona New Jersey - my home town.  The lake there also had a nice trail around it, an island in the middle and lovely trees.  My mom used to walk around the lake almost every day - sometimes alone, sometimes with her friend.  In fact I believe she was walking me in a stroller at that park when Kennedy was shot.

So today Bizz and I enjoyed the walk, the views and he certainly enjoyed the smells.  Here is a view of the reservoir -

And here is the new Bizz photo of the day.  I call this his Lion Dog pose.

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