Monday, June 3, 2013


I've been thinking a lot about Karma lately.  I definitely had Karma on my side when I found Bizz - if I hadn't decided to go to the adoption fair on the spur of the moment, if the volunteer had not had to walk past me to get to the pen while she was carrying him and most of all if I hadn't sat down on the curb he might not be with me today.  I had taken him for a walk from the adoption fair and I sat down on a curb to see what he would do.  When I did that with Truffles he stayed on my lap but was so stiff and unconnected I knew he wasn't my dog. When I sat with Mittens at the dog shelter he couldn't even sit still - he ran off to my friend and jumped on her.  Bizz just came up next to me, put his paws up on my knee and leaned on me.  That's when I knew he was meant to be mine.

Karma according to Wikipedia is an action or deed that becomes part of a whole cause and effect cycle.  Because I took action (adopting Bizz) it has spun off and impacted my life in many ways. I've met many of my neighbors while I'm out walking him and feel so much more a part of my neighborhood now.  I have met many people while out in Campbell, at the dog park and in fact all over the Bay Area - simply by having him with me. 

I've seen Karma go the other way as well - I know people who have deliberately treated others badly.  And Karma does come up and get them.  I first noticed this on shows like Survivor and the Amazing Race. Someone would do something despicable to another player and Karma would eventually get them.  Suppose you made someone do a U-turn and go from doing well to falling into last place.  In the next round invariably Karma would happen and the evil doer would find themselves with a flat tire or the wrong kind of gasoline or a cab driver who doesn't know where they are going.  In fact I noticed that people would often mention Karma as a reason not to do a bad thing.  And you see this in real life as well.  Politicians who cheat on their spouses inevitably get caught and end up losing their jobs as well. 

So as part of striving to make my life better I am paying a bit more attention to my impact on others and the world. 

Below is Bizz with his new tunnel toy. I drop in treats and he has to get them out.  It's quite amusing to watch.

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  1. Definitely agree that Karma will reward you or punish you for your actions.

    When I decided to get a dog, I thought about getting another breed, but was convinced to get a Boston terrier. So we found a place that had several Boston terrier puppies.

    They all were so very cute! I thought, "Ooo boy! This is going to be a hard to pick just one. One little boy."

    While I was thinking that, a puppy came over and sat on my foot and wouldn't move. I thought, "Ok little one, let me see if you are a boy." Lo behold! He was a boy!!

    I put him down again further away from me to see what he would do. He came back over and sat on my foot. It was like he saying, "Okay! That's enough looking! I'm the one! Take me home and I will love you." So I did.

    Wow, lots of great things happened when I got him. :) They do bring you lots of joys and memories and companionship. I wouldn't trade a single things!