Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bizzy Goes to the Groomer

This post is a story of before and after.  When I first got Bizz he was a shaved down, underweight, shaking little dog. In the last three months he gained weight and his hair grew in - masses of soft fluffy curls that were amazing to dig your fingers into.  But as with all things thick and curly - I started to see the signs of potential future mattings.  Copious amounts of conditioner and a lot of brushing helped but Bizz was also starting to over heat slightly on walks during the day, his nails were getting long and much like his owner - his hair was getting in his eyes.

So, I decided it was time to go to the groomer.  This was a challenge because I am an over researcher. I read Yelp reviews - eliminating every one with a negative review.  At last I found one - Judy's K9 Grooming - which was less than a mile from my house and had nothing but five star reviews. I called and Judy interrogated me before agreeing to an appointment.  When Bizz had his accident she insisted on postponing so he'd have time to heal.

I dropped Bizz off yesterday. Here are the before pictures I took:

When I dropped him off I asked for the works - bath, grooming, ear cleaning, toe nails, anal gland (don't ask) and to make him summer ready.

She called a few hours later  and said he was ready.  I went back and for a moment I did not recognize the beautiful stylish dog I was presented with.  If he hadn't come over to me and immediately put his paws up I would have thought I had the wrong dog. My lost little waif has become a show dog.  Here is the result:

My photos don't do him justice but his ears and tail are like silk and his short cut keeps him so much cooler.  And his legs are divine.  I think he's still getting used to it as am I. 

So I did pick the right groomer.  We'll see how all this grows in the next two months. 

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