Sunday, June 9, 2013

This Dog for Hire

I had to get a blood test done last week and on impulse took Bizz along.  One of the things I hate most about being diabetic are my quarterly blood tests.  I had actually gone in the day before for one but failed to realize that one of the three tests required fasting.  So the next morning Bizz and I drove up to the office. Bizz hung out in the car for the 5 minutes while I ran in.  Once we hit the road I needed to find food for me, a drink for him (I had snacks along) and a place for us to eat.  At last I ended up with a bagel sandwich, diet coke for me, water for him and a plan. I would take Bizz back to the town I first lived in when I moved to sunny California - Cupertino - now better known as the home of Apple's HQ.  We ate in the Cupertino Memorial Park - which is quite lovely - with lots of ponds and fountains.  After we ate as we walked I noticed something very different from all the other parks we've visited.

No Geese.

There were no geese anywhere.  Our favorite Los Gatos Creek Park is full of geese - so much so that I've had to reroute our walks because of the excessive numbers of geese everywhere.  Geese can be aggressive and Bizz has a burning desire to charge at them.  But in Cupertino - not a goose in sight. We saw many ducks leading little bands of ducklings behind them.  Bizz was interested but not like he gets when he sees a big old goose in our path.  I kept thinking how can this be?  And then I saw it. I posting  - dogs were at work in this park.  The city had implemented extreme measures to rid their park of these menaces. Not only are Canadian geese big and will not hesitate to chase a human but they also poop everywhere. 

It seemed Cupertino had hired working dogs to patrol the park and scare off the geese.  Bizz and I looked at the sign then looked at each other. I could see it in his face - this was in fact his dream job.  Nothing would make him happier than to chase geese all day long.  The second day I owned him I took him to a nearby fenced in park to let him run and he immediately took off after the geese I had failed to notice. They all took off in a big hurry.  I could see it on his face - he could run all over the park and chase geese and bark his head off. And to top it off he would be praised for it instead of being pulled away and scolded for bothering the geese.  This was it - his dream job.

Sadly, all the positions were already filled.  Professionals were already on the job.  How could an amateur little white dog compete with the specially trained dogs with their fancy vests (and oh how Bizz wanted a fancy vest).

So Bizz job search continues.  If you have geese in your yard just let us know and for a reasonable fee Bizz will come and bark like crazy at them.  Heck he'll probably do it for free just to get the experience on his resume.

No geese were harmed in the writing of this blog.  This geese problem is very real and to learn more about it check out -

Bizz dreaming puppy dog dreams.

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