Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How old is your son?

While I was traveling the last few days I made a list of all the topics I am going to write about in the coming weeks.  But I'm a  little jet lagged and more than a bit groggy so I thought for today I would share a quick story.

I went to Physical Therapy this morning for my last appointment. I was late because of a work call plus getting away from Bizz was a bit difficult.  So when I got to PT I was immediately put on a machine that works your shoulder muscles and warms them up.  I mentioned to Janet - who is the assistant in charge of me) that Bizz was throwing a fit when I left. The woman next to me commented she knew how it was then asked me how old Bizz was.  I told her five and that I hated leaving him alone but I just had to get to PT.  She looked at me and said - you left him alone in an odd tone of voice.  I quickly explained that Bizz was my dog.  She immediately looked relieved and said - oh thank god - I thought he was your son.  We went on to have a very entertaining conversation about dogs vs cats and the upshot -I gave her my card and we're going to take her mom to an adoption event at Doggy Protective Services in June. 

I never thought of Bizz as a child's name.  I always assumed that if I had a boy he'd be John after my dad and Susan after the name I always wanted if it was a girl.  I did have to laugh - I've heard so many dogs names in the last few months and people love to tell the story of how then named them.  Over the weekend I spent time with Toby - my friend Cori's dog - who's just cute as a bug and a lot like Bizz.  And the woman this morning said her dog was Scoop because of a paw movement he does.  My families dogs were Otto, Holly and very briefly Mom had one named Beau that she called Bobo.  My all time favorite was my friend Nancy's dog when we were kids - a basset hound named Wrinkles.

What's your dog's name?


  1. This reminds me of when I started at my current job a few years ago. I had just adopted Sam, my golden retriever-poodle cross, and talked about him ALL the time. Sam goes to daycare, eats a healthy diet, and loves to play. It took 3 months before one of my coworkers realized that I was picking up my dog and not my kid from daycare 3x a week. Oops!

  2. Kerry - that is so true- I talk about going to the dentist, fussiness, refusing to play with others. Too funny.