Monday, May 6, 2013

Walking the Baylands

My alternative title for this blog post was Let's talk about the Zombie Apocalypse.  Bizzy, Ellen and I went walking out on the Baylands yesterday afternoon.  After an incredibly hot few days there was a major weather change Saturday night - the temperature dropped and we had a huge wind storm - so it was a lovely cool walk.  I've written this part of our walk as a dialog because I'm sure Bizz had a few comments of his own.

Ellen:  So what have you read recently that's good.
Jerri:  Well you probably wouldn't like it but I read a Zombie Apocalypse novel I downloaded from the Amazon store for $1.99. It was written as a series of journal entries during a zombie apocalypse. 
Ellen:  Let's talk about the Zombie Apocalypse - what happened a while ago?
Jerri:  There were several incidents of cannibalism and the CDC felt the need to send out a notice that we were not experiencing a zombie apocalypse.
Ellen:  So how do you define a zombie?
Jerri:  Well in the book there was this virus and the people who got it died and then came back in an hour or two as zombies. They spent all their time hunting for humans and eating them. But if you got bitten then you became a zombie.
Bizz:  I would kill all the zombies.
Ellen:  Isn't that a vampire?
Jerri:  No, a vampire is when you are drained of blood and then the vampire gives you his blood and makes you a vampire.  At least that's how it happens in Twilight and the Sookie Stackhouse books.
Bizz: I would kill all the vampires.  Is that a duck?  Must kill all the ducks.
Ellen:  No I'm pretty sure if you get bitten you become a vampire.
Jerri: No that's a werewolf.
Bizz:  I am a werewolf. 
Jerri:  You are not a werewolf.
Bizz:  Yes I am.  I will make you a werewolf.
Jerri:  Bizz you would have to bite me, you can't lick someone and make them a werewolf.
Bizz: I am the king of all the werewolves.  Is that a goose? I must kill all the geese.
Ellen:  So if you get bitten and become a werewolf and you are bitten and become a zombie then what's the difference?
Jerri:  Zombies are dead and mindless, and werewolves are living and are only wolves during the full moon.  Unless you read the Sookie Stackhouse books.
Bizz:  I love the Sookie Stackhouse books, when does True Blood come back on?
Ellen:  You know there are real zombies.
Bizz:  I am a werewolf and I will kill all the zombies.

The conversation ambled on from there but suffice it to say - Bizz is now eagerly awaiting the new season of True Blood;  Ellen is thoroughly confused and I am a bit worried about Voodoo.

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