Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Let's Go

This past weekend was absolutely crazy. I have company  this week so there was a frenzy of laundry and bed making.  But I also had Marina over for dinner and tv on Friday night, Bizz walk on Saturday, the Los Altos Library book sale and lunch with Marina, Tina's grandfather's  funeral to attend, a trip to Costco with Joanne to see if they had Happy Hips treats cheaper (they did not), then some work, then Sunday was a walk, lunch with Carolyn, walk with Ellen and Bizz at the Baylands then out to dinner then work some more then collapse at home.  All in all a very hectic weekend.

I called this blog post Let's Go because it is the command I use with Bizz at the start of every walk or if he gets stalled by something during a walk. I also use it when he needs to jump in the back of the car (though it is combined with an up up then).  

Let's Go is a good expression to define this time of my life. I can tell there isn't as much sitting around anymore because my DVR is exploding with shows I really don't have time to watch.  My consulting work is taking off so I'm doing a lot more focused work time with Bizz sleeping next to me. My time with friends and family has become sacred to me.  And Bizz is a priority.  We have to do our walks multiple times a day or he gets jumpy.  I also make a point of spending quality time with him each day- playing, training and learning new tricks (the dancing is actually going to happen I think) and just snuggling.  And I find I have to keep finding new things to keep him entertained (see photo below where he has to get to his treats which are inside the cardboard tube from a toilet paper roll that's folded down.  He loves to tear them apart and it gives him a challenge. Though I need to get more of the cardboard tubes since he destroys it after two sets of treats. 

So the adventure continues.  Let's Go.

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