Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Maltipoo Attachment Disorder (MAD Dog)

Now I will confess, I am incredibly fond of my dog.  But he is REALLY attached to me.  I had to leave him for 2 hours this morning to go get some physical therapy on my shoulder. When I got home I was talking to a client on the phone in the car.  I didn't immediately go inside because with the phone, the purse and the door I was very worried how I would handle his charging at me. Then I looked up and to my surprise saw Bizz with his head through the blinds looking at me and barking. Since the blinds are over the window and the  window is several feet off the ground I was thinking what the hell?

When I got inside Bizz was a little tornado - jumping and spinning around the room for joy.   He had jumped up on a low bookcase under the window that had a very expensive glass vase on it.  So the vase has now moved.  The bookcase is encased in a throw.  And Bizz now has a new seat from which to supervise my comings and goings.

 Marina came over so I could go to a business lunch and told me that Bizz was devastated when I left - whining and hunting through the house. And jumping on the bookcase again - thank goodness I moved the vase. And he systematically took all my shoes out of the bedroom and scattered them in the hallway and livingroom. I'm not sure how to interpret that but I'm working on it.

So what do I mean by Maltipoo Attachment Disorder?  Well I sent a note to the Maltipoo Rescue asking them if this behavior is just my dog or all of them.  Maltipoo's are now an acknowledged AKC breed and were bred for one very specific purpose - to be a companion dog.  Their love and loyalty are intrinsic to their very genetic code.  And many of the owners are experiencing the same thing.

Having Maltipoo Rescue on Facebook is like having an extended family to turn to for guidance.  I think back to when I was growing up with a cat.  All I knew about cats I learned from the encyclopedia and whatever books I acquired about cats.  And of course by asking people.  Instead today I ask a question to the group and have advice galore come back to me.

So this evening when I leave for my business dinner Bizz will be provided with a Kong stuffed with peanut butter, a detailed explanation of where I'm going and Auntie Marina to take him on a walk.  So hopefully this will help with his MAD issues.  Now the only question is what to do about mine?

Bizz and I in Half Moon Bay.  It was a breezy cold day - so glad I wore shorts.

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  1. What most vet would recommend is that you work with your dog to appease their separation anxiety. Start with by going out of your door and then come back in quickly and give him a treat when he didn't whine. Keep working on it until you are able to stay outside for at least 30 minutes. He needs to know that you will come back.

    Also most expert would recommend that you put your dog in a room that is "his". Once you have put him in that room, he can play, sleep, etc. in that room until you've let him out. My dogs are in the master bathroom with their beds, toys and water. I also put a pee pad on the floor in case they can't hold it. I never yell at them in their "room". This is their safe area.

    Anyway, I think you are doing great with him! Keep it up!