Sunday, April 28, 2013

6 Week Anniversary

Yesterday Bizz and I celebrated our 6 week anniversary.  I thought I'd give a status update on several areas:

1. Health - mine is improving - I've lost 6 lbs, walk 2-3 miles every day, have reduced my blood sugar to mostly normal levels (there was this bowl of pasta but let me not digress), reduced my insulin, sleep a full 8 hours per night and my skin is completely clear.  Bizz now has very clean white teeth, has gained 2.5 lbs and is at his perfect weight, walks 3 miles per day (on the days I miss a walk his Auntie Marina fills in) and his ear infections are hopefully improving.

2.  Happiness - mine has greatly improved - I laugh more, feel more connected to everyone, have incorporated many new friends into my life and have discovered the wonders a dog can do for you.  There was a great article in Time Magazine about Emotional Support Animals.  In the article they describe that stroking a dog can significantly reduce stress. I can attest to that. And when he is as soft and fluffy as Bizz I think he practically eliminates stress.  Our morning and evening cuddles make me extremely relaxed.  I think Bizz is happy too. Despite his stress when I'm not around he has everything he needs and his tail wags continuously.

3.  Changing my life - that has happened.  I have launched my own marketing consulting business and at this point have worked with 4 customers and I'm in the process of signing two more (fingers crossed).  I exercise at least 1.5 hours per day - most days 2 including both walking and playing fetch in the yard, I sleep 8 hours a night when I used to scrape by on 4 or 5 hours, and I am actually more social - though I'm not sure how long friends are going to tolerate eating all meals with me outside.  Bizz life has changed as well.  8 weeks ago he was in a shelter sentenced to death. Then he was rescued, put in a kennel and forced to wait for someone to love him.  Now he has many people who love him, his roster of honorary aunts grows daily, and he is groomed, fed, and how many people do you know with 5 beds? 

So after six weeks I think I can safely say our life together has made an excellent start.  Thank you to everyone who reads this blog. I am thrilled to welcome everyone from the USA, Russia, Germany, Canada, South Korea, UK, India, Australia, France, Germany and Romania.  And please do share the blog with anyone you think might enjoy sharing our journey.

To thank you all and keep you coming back for more I did a little filming today so here are a few videos of Bizz playing fetch with his baby Pinky.










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