Thursday, April 11, 2013

Beach Blanket Bizzy

Yesterday was an interesting day. I secured another client for my consulting business  and did work for another one until late in the evening.  So all in all a good day for the new business.  On the downside - I discovered Bizz knows how to bark - a lot and loudly.  My landlords had the plumber come to install a line outside for a washing machine for the mother-in-law apartment and to fix my shower. Well if I were a psychologist I would say Bizz hates guys who wear bulky work gloves. I personally hate people who drill underneath the house while I'm trying to work.  Since the plumber didn't finish and I knew that work was a distant dream between the drilling and the barking, I decided that today was the day for an outing.  So I packed up Bizz, the Bizz Bag (treats, water, food, bowl, toy, my sweatshirt for him to sleep on) and myself and headed to Half Moon Bay.

I thought I would describe our day as a dialog between the two of us since I think we had very different perspectives of our time.

(jerri)We arrived in Half Moon Bay around 9 am. I had had an early appointment so Bizz had stayed in the car for an hour from 7-8 am (windows open, in the shade, it was cool and everyone was checking on him for me). During that  time he dismantled the Bizz bag, dropped his toy in the bowl of water- the toy absorbed all of it, escaped from his harness and still charmed everyone when I brought him in to say hello.

(bizz) Sue me, I was bored. That will teach you.

(jerri)  Half Moon Bay was pretty empty so we took a walk up and down the main street to check out which stores are still there, scope out places for lunch and generally stretch our legs a bit.  Bizz managed to pee on every tree along Main Street.

(bizz)  So many trees, so little time.  Next time I'll drink more before I come.  I nearly ran out.

(jerri)  We headed to Half Moon Bay State Beach.  Bizz had decided he'd had enough of the back seat and had climbed into the front seat. The signs said no dogs on the beach so when I talked to the park ranger he explained Bizz could go anywhere on leash except on the sand itself.  Since we were going to hike the trail I wasn't too concerned.  However, when I turned to pay the parking fee I discovered Bizz had managed to climb into my purse and was sitting on my wallet.  The ranger had a good laugh as I attempted to negotiate access to my wallet but finally had to scoop Bizz out and pay.

(Bizz)  Big purse, little dog. 

(Jerri)  We started out with a refreshment break since we'd walked a mile before we even got to the beach. Bizz decided he would join me on the bench even though he would have preferred being turned loose to complete his true mission in life.

(Bizz) All birds must die.

(Jerri) As we headed towards the trail we cut through the campgrounds.  What an array of camping - from a simple pup tent to a camper complete with Direct TV hook up.  No kidding - check the picture.

(Bizz)  I saw no puppies in tents.

(Jerri) We hit the trail and had a lovely 2.5 mile hike.   Bizz loved exploring all the new and different smells.  There  was a wide array of lovely flowers though the spectacular pink ones have not bloomed quite yet.  And he made sure to leave his mark on as many as he could.

(Bizz)  They are all mine now.

(Jerri)  We also encountered a cute baby bunny.  Bizz went into stealth mode - thank goodness for the leash and harness.  I definitely think he'd make a great hunting dog.

(Bizz)  All bunnies must die. 

(Jerri)  We did take a break at the half way point of the hike.   This was our chance to  enjoy the breeze.  (Note his ears were at full deployment in his shadow).

(Bizz)  I was not tired but if you had brought the bag you could have carried me back.

(Jerri) Our return trip gave us an even more impressive encounter - horses. I'm not sure what Bizz thought they were but I think he thought they were enormous dogs.  They were gorgeous and a huge hit.

(Bizz) I must be pack leader of the giant dogs.

(Jerri)  We concluded our hike with a total of 3 1/2 miles for the morning.

(Bizz) 7 Miles

(Jerri)  3.5 - I had on the pedometer.

(Bizz)  2 legs went 3.5 miles.  4 legs means 3.5 miles x 2 - I went 7 miles.

(Jerri)  In any case, we went back to town for lunch.  Bizz behaved perfectly in the shop and we shared my roast beef sandwich.  He conked out on the way home though I have now learned that when they say let sleeping dogs lie they also mean don't take them through the car wash even if they are lying with their eyes closed sound asleep.

(Bizz) What the hell was that?  I'm dreaming of birds, rabbits and giant dogs and suddenly we're in a tsunami.

(Jerri)  All my fault.  I never realized how loud a car wash was until I had a barking dog on my lap during one.

(Bizz)  Car washes must die.

(Jerri)  We're heading back to Half Moon Bay with Aunt Marina on Saturday so who knows what our next adventure will be.

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