Monday, April 1, 2013

Finding the Right Doctor(s)

One thing I have learned as a diabetic is that it is critical to have a good team of doctors in your corner.  I have changed doctors a few times to get to the right combination.  I have a primary care physician who looks after all my general needs and referrals, an endocrinologist who rocks and takes care of my diabetes, a podiatrist who keeps an eye on my feet - ever alert for signs of neuropathy, two eye doctors (both named Wong) who keep track of overall eye health and the second watches for retinal issues common to diabetics, a dentist, an oral surgeon, and of course a gynecologist which seems to be my greatest challenge since I work more with a department than an individual. However, it was a gyno who first diagnosed me and I am forever in her debt.

So now it is time for me to find Bizzy his new vet. And boy is it a challenge.  This vet is too expensive, that vet yelled at a patient, this one sneaks you freebies while another does unnecessary testing.  Wow is all I can say. 

So where did I turn after every person I talked to gave me mixed reviews?  Yelp.  Yelp is a great review site and people really tell you what they think of a vet.  So I have located one that sounds pretty good - decent prices, great care, honesty, etc. 

I hope he's good - I have read Bizzy's medical record in great detail and its' fascinating.  The vet found hiim bright, alert, responsive and a really nice dog.  His body was a 4 out of 9 - due to being on his own.  He had some issues with his ear and he has severe dental disease. It explains why he won't let me brush his teeth and won't eat hard food.  So it's off to the dentist for a check up and teeth cleaning. They may have to sedate him and me for this process.

The other funny thing is I found out his original name was Phelps - cannot figure out why except I keep thinking Peter Graves on Mission Impossible had white hair and every show started with Good Afternoon Mr. Phelps.  So does not fit him.

More to come as the saga of the doctors continues.

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