Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bizzy and his babies

I am probably the worst owner for a dog because I am a collector of all sorts of things.  My house is groaning with books, CDs, miniatures, videos & DVDs, and stuffed animals.  How was I to know that I would acquire the dog version of myself in Bizzy.  Bizzy is collecting his babies. It all started with his first day.  Bizzy got a toy monkey, well really a half monkey, half rope creature.  He didn't have much interest in it but it would move around the house so I know he was at least carrying it. Then Marina gave him his squeaky penguin which became a huge hit.  Penguin was followed by a gift set that included a soft squeaky bone.  Then came the topper.  At Grocery Outlet I discovered something called a crazy critter - it was a soft unstuffed raccoon with not one but two squeakers in it.  Well it was love at first site. 

The raccoon has been followed by a number of other animals - all with squeakers - a sock monkey, foxy ( a fox like the raccoon with squeakers), a mini bright orange dog and now the most popular of them all (at least this week) Pinky.  Pinky has the best story because the reason I know Bizz was meant to be my dog was he picked it out himself.  We were in Petco (I'm a member now so coupons galore) and while I paid for food Marina had Bizz at the discount rack. On the lowest shelf was Pinky - who is literally that - a bright fushia blob with 4 pink legs, two eyes and of course a squeaker.  Bizz picked up Pinky and they are inseparable.  He finally plays fetch - I throw Pinky down the yard (those legs are great for throwing) and Bizz chases him and brings him back.  He just loves that doll.

Of course I began to worry the day I hurled Pinky over the fence into the neighbors yard.  What if something happened to Pinky?  So today we secured redundancy - a concept I learned in my early days at the phone company. When you want to be sure something doesn't fail - have two of them so if one fails you always have backup. The same is true for investing your money - I learned in finance class that you don't put all your money into the stock of the company you get your income from.  If the company busts there goes your paycheck and your savings.

So we went off to Petco and again at the Clearance rack Bizz picked up another Pinky and carried it for me to the checkout counter.  I checked the price and at $1.50 it was too good to pass up. In fact I bought a third Pinky who is in hiding in my closet for the day I hurl Pinky into someplace inaccessible.

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