Tuesday, May 14, 2013

White Dog Fire Dancer and our new video Die Bed Die

This weekend Bizz gave me and a large group of other people the scare of a lifetime.  Ellen and I have been walking every weekend - really giving Bizz a chance to stretch his legs.  This weekend we chose Half Moon Bay and went up to the Moss Beach Distillery for an early dinner. The Moss Beach Distillery is an old 1930's road house with a ghost, or so legend goes.  While inside it is very elegant and not suitable for dogs, outside they have an amazing patio with ocean views, fire pits, chairs, blankets and a very dog friendly environment.  They happily served Bizz an ice water in a plastic cup.

However, as we were getting our chairs situated I turned my back on Bizz very briefly and everyone suddenly screamed. Bizz had leaped onto the edge of the fire pit - thus freaking out everyone else on the patio.  I nearly had a heart attack. He was immediately rescued and except for a brief period where he was attempting to connect with a very large white poodle he was kept within a few inches of me.  At one point he was sitting on a bench between myself and a very nice woman and her tiny baby.  I knew Bizz liked feet since he continuously steals my shoes, but it was confirmed when he spent the whole time sniffing the baby's foot. 

So, my little white dog nearly became a hot dog - literally.  Ellen says her fluffy nephew knows no fear. I think he just has curiosity to spare plus an incredible leaping ability.  No matter what I'm very pleased to say we survived this outing though I have now crossed fire pits off my list of things we can do. 

In my ongoing challenge to find new things for Bizz I located a new bed at Grocery Outlet yesterday.  Over the weekend Bizz had identified a toy dog at PetCo that he liked a great deal - so much he picked it up and shook it violently.  Given my policy that no toy should be over $5 I made him put back the $15 stuffed toy.  Then yesterday I saw this lovely fluffy bed on the shelf at the store.  When I touched the lining I realized it felt just like the toy he had coveted.  At less than $10 the bed was a bargain and multipurpose - soft and fluffy plus a potential replacement for the pillow he is systematically destroying in my office.  What happened when he was presented with the bed was unexpected. And went on so long I video taped part of it. We call it Die Bed Die.  Here is the link to the video on Youtube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BvrI1h1WEo.


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  1. I bet there is one bed that he will never be able to kill. Here is the link to the bed: http://kuranda.com/