Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Dog Ran Into a Bar

I know this is going to sound like a fable but in fact the story I am about to tell you is true.  The last 24 hours have been physically and emotionally draining for all of us - myself, Kelvin and Isabelle, and our four dogs - Bizz (mine), Pelucci, Truffles and Lucky.  The reason was - Pelucci was kidnapped.

Yesterday afternoon Isabelle left Pelucci sleeping in her car in a shady spot while she ran into her gym. When she came out the car, her purse and her dog were all gone. Someone had come along and stolen her car with Pelucci in it.  She immediately called the police and Kelvin and the search for Pelucci began.  Kelvin came immediately while the police took several hours to arrive. 

Meanwhile the car thief had driven the car to the other end of the large strip mall and had entered the Home Depot (a hardware store) where he proceeded to charge several tools to Isabelle's charge card. 

After hours of driving around searching Isabelle and Kelvin came home.  I was in my house (they have recently moved back into their apartment on the property) and Kelvin came to tell me the terrible news. I was horrified of course.  Who would steal a car with a very loud barking dog in it?  Who would even dare?  But of course the windows were open to give Pelucci plenty of fresh air so it was easy access. 

My first thought was putting up signs. I ran inside and designed a Lost Dog sign and put in a photo of Pelucci I had taken earlier this year. I made plans to get up early and take Bizz over to the area where Pelucci had been kidnapped and start putting signs up. I made 40 copies and sent it to Kelvin so he could print and distribute  them as well.

I went to bed around midnight and Bizz was very cuddly so I think he must have been able to tell I was upset.  Isabelle and Kelvin went out again around 1 am and continued the search. 

Early this morning Bizz and I got up and loaded with tape and plenty of signs we headed over to the 24 Hour Fitness to commence putting up signs.  I focused on points next to cross walks, right above the button you push to get the light to change.  I figured if Pelucci was to be found people on foot would be the ones to find him.  Little did I know what was already taking place.  I also placed signs at a nearby dog park and networked with a few folks walking the neighborhood - giving them copies of the flyer so if they saw him they would have the number to call. 

After two hours Bizz and I headed home - driving up and down as many sidestreets as we could.  No luck.

Isabelle and Kelvin meanwhile were dealing with the police, the bank and were already getting calls from people who had seen the flyer and wanted to help.  One very helpful Starbucks barista had seen the sign and called to find out about the car so if he spotted it he could intervene and rescue Pelucci.  Kelvin thanked him and suggested he call 911.

I created and posted a Lost & Found Ad for Craigs List and dealt with a few business calls.  Late afternoon I discovered that for dogs lost and found in Santa Clara County you can go to a site and create a flyer for the dog you found or the one you lost.  I decided to check it out.  And what did I see?  It was Pelucci.  He was misidentified as a female but it was him. I'd know that smile anywhere.  I immediately started calling Kelvin.  He had been picked up by a Good Samaritan and I had that number and began to call it as well.

At last Kelvin answered his phone and told me they were getting Pelucci at that very minute.  They had gone to the Animal Control Shelter and when they opened the book of dogs that had been found there Pelucci was - smiling his brightest smile.

So, how was Pelucci rescued. This takes us back to the title of this tale.  A dog runs into a bar.  Late yesterday evening, 1.6 miles from where he had been taken and about 6 hours later Pelucci came running into a bar. The bar door was open and the patrons said that all of a sudden this little dog came tearing into the bar so fast he bounced into the wall.  He was obviously scared and alone and the patrons took him to their hearts.  One patron, our good Samaritan, Paul took Pelucci home with him.  The next morning Paul immediately took Pelucci to be scanned for a microchip but he wasn't chipped.  Then he took him down to the Animal Control to have a flyer created.  Then he took Pelucci home, planning that if no one ever came for the little dog that he would adopt him.  A short 5 hours later Pelucci was reunited with Isabelle and Kelvin.  The brought him home to a very jubilant household - I was so happy to see him I could hardly contain myself.  Bizz of course was quite bouncy and all the dogs settled into their evening meal.

So what did we learn from all this?  Just as there are terrible people in this world, people who would steal a car and abandon a helpless animal, there are terrific people out there. I cannot tell you how many strangers I met today who immediately offered to assist in the search.  There was a tremendous outpouring of support and love that makes me so happy I could sincerely cry.  And special thanks go to Paul who not only took in a poor helpless animal but also took him to the vet and to the shelter just to make sure he found his way home.  Today, I learned it is important to never give up hope that what is lost will find its way home to us.  You just need to keep your door and your heart open. 

Here is the photo of Pelucci that was on the site.  Doesn't he look relieved?  And Paul thought he was a girl because he is so cute. 

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