Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Walking and Talking

We've just concluded Labor Day weekend and I have to say - I'm a little tired.  In the course of the three day weekend I did five separate walking outings with friends then concluded last night with a one on one walk with Bizz. 

I find that walking with a dog is a great way to let the discussion flow.  You have to amble a bit, especially given Bizz propensity to stop and smell the flowers, do his bizziness and on one memorable walk - roll delightedly in goose poop.  Hence the walks are about enjoying the peace and quiet, fresh air and the company.

My first walk on Saturday was with my friend Rachelle and her delightful little dog Andy.  We decided to explore the Stanford Campus.  What was interesting to me about our walk was that you start where the earth is dry, brown and hard and we ended in the center (or perhaps beyond it who knows?) where the grass was green and lush and fountains everywhere were shooting water into the sky.  We talked of many things - old friends and new; work and of course our beloved pups.  here the babies are during their walk.  It was a hot day so it was nice to be someplace shady and cool.

The next walk was late that night with Marina.  We spent much of our talk discussing what an odd summer it had been for movies - that there really aren't any we wanted to go out and spend $12 to see.   No photos - it was actually almost midnight by the time we got home and collapsing seemed the optimal choice.

Sunday morning Ellen and I took Bizz to Half Moon Bay for my birthday celebration.  We had a lovely time walking near the beach then all over town.  Bizz was quite the star in HMB - even the guys just hanging out at the restaurant were making a fuss over him.  We of course had to discuss the two most important topics of last week - Twerking and Syria.  So yes, you can use both in a sentence. 

Sunday evening walking was around my neighborhood with my friend Lieu.  She is unfamiliar with dogs but quite enjoyed our walk and talk of all our old friends and how grown up her three children are becoming.  Hard to believe one is getting ready to make college decisions in the coming months.

Monday morning dawned and Bizz and I drove up to Menlo Park to walk out near the Bay with Caroline and her dog Brin.  I had not realized how flat Campbell is until we challenged some of the hills but I'm happy to say we both survived. Amazing to see how the restoration of the wetlands is progressing.  Brin and Bizz were thrilled to be off leash and Bizz did well until the very end when he decided not to wait for me to go to the parking lot.  Time for psychological games as I deliberately turned around and started walking back up the hill.  Bizz followed immediately. 

The final walk last night was the most exciting of them all - about 4 blocks from the house we were strolling and in the bushes and plants ahead of us we suddenly say rustling and heard the high pitched squealing of rodents of some sort.  Then the rustling seemed headed our way and something came out running straight towards us. I didn't stop to see (though I assume it was a raccoon, possum or giant rat) but turned and ran tugging Bizz behind. The poor home owners must have been scared when they heard my scream and an "Oh my God, Run Bizz Run".  We ran two blocks before I slowed down.  Not taking that route late at night anymore.

So that was my weekend in walks and talks. Of course we start again today with our more solitary walkies (that's what we call them), but everyone is invited to join us.

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