Sunday, September 8, 2013

PigTails just aren't what they used to be

When I was a little girl I was notorious for wearing my very very straight hair in pigtails.  That's what we called braids in my house. Even into college when my sister taught me to French braid my hair pigtails was a way to keep my hair under control.

Well today I encountered something new - real pig tails - extra large to be exact.  I decided to take Bizz with me to the Farm Market in Campbell this morning. We were celebrating the removal of his cone of shame and the healing of his sore leg.  His leg is pretty cleared up though of course it's shaved so it still looks dreadful.  While he can't go into most of the farm market, the last time we were there they had a dog treat booth and he cleaned up on freebies.  And I wanted to scope out a potential gift.

However, my plans blew up when we came around the corner and Bizz suddenly lunged towards a man who was packing up his booth.  Turns out there was a second dog treat guy at the Farm Market. He represents Junk Yard Bones - a new treats supplier who provide real bones, pig ears and - yes you got it Pig Tails.  We chatted and he offered to get us a bone. I declined because the Bizz  I know refuses all hard treats.  Well then he was handed a pig tail.  Oh my god - this little dog just went to down. He plopped down on the sidewalk, put the pig tail between his front paws and commenced chewing.  It was hilarious. He refused to give it up.  In fact some passersby gathered to watch this rather fancy looking little white dog pigging out so to speak.

Well I got really lucky - it being the end of the show I got a deal and ended up bringing home a dozen pig tails.  Bizz finally loosened his grip so I could get him and the pig tail of his dreams home and he happily spent two hours munching and eating the pig tail this afternoon. I never did make it to any of the other booths though we did get in a good walk. 

I did learn two important facts once we got home - 1 is to close doors to the rooms you don't want the pig tail in before you give Bizz the goodie, the other is there is nothing cuter than Bizz carrying his pig tail treat around trying to find the perfect spot to eat it in. 

These treats are made with USDA inspected beef and pork and I can tell you - next weekend we're going back to get some of the other treats for him to try. I hear  jumbo pig ears are a big hit with other customers. 

You can check out their site

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