Monday, July 1, 2013

Beach Blanket BIzzy II - Carmel

So my friend Kathy Dear, who has known me since grad school, is visiting for the week.  We are notorious when together for loving to travel near and far.  So today we loaded Bizz in the car and off we went to our favorite place - Carmel CA.

Jerri:  I have drinks, towels, both leashes, a bowl, treats, toy alligator.   I'm ready to go.
Kathy:  We're going to Carmel, not the moon.
Jerri:  Never underestimate the needs of the tiny white dog.
Bizz:  Treats Now!  And where is my alligator?

Arriving in Carmel we found a parking space and hit the streets.

Bizz: So many trees, so little time.
Kathy:  I thought the purpose was to walk the dog - it's taken 10 minutes to go a block.
Jerri:  Bizz has to greet each tree in his own special way.  Trust me it will be easier on the way back.

Upon hitting Ocean Ave we stopped at one of the first stores because there in the window was what looked like a small painting of Bizz.  Kathy immediately went inside chanting Christmas gift while Bizz and I followed. He was greeted by both the store owner, the clerk and our fellow customers as the celebrity he is.  Kathy secured not just the picture (which is actually note cards) but several bars of soap that smelled divine. I have so many soaps in my stash I am not allowed to buy more until I use mine up.

Kathy:  Awesome place.
Jerri:  Bizz -they treated you like a star in there.
Bizz:  Their treats were not good.  I do not like crunchy treats.  You should tell them.
Jerri: I know, but they really liked you.
Bizz:  Was there ever any doubt?

We proceeded down the street with people actually stopping us to ask his breed and tell us how cute he was.  After shopping a while we decided it was time to find lunch. Dogs can not eat inside a restaurant however open patios do allow them.  We found a very handy map to Carmel which included a listing of all restaurants with those that are dog friendly highlighted.  The Hogs Breath Inn - Clint Eastwood's place - was dog friendly and my car was parked outside so we headed that way.  Upon arrival we were greeted with great enthusiasm by our waiter.

Waiter:  Will this table do?  (A lovely table in front of a fireplace).
Jerri:  Yes, thank you.
Bizz:  He was talking to me.  It will do my good man.
Short time later the waiter arrives with water - for Bizz.

  Kathy and I never did get any water.  We ordered burgers and I had them make a burger for Bizz - just what I thought would be a small meat patty since he hadn't wanted any breakfast.  Our burgers arrived.
Bizz:  Give it to me, give it to me, give it to me.
Jerri:  It's hot and all in one piece. I need to cut it up.
Bizz:  Mine, Mine, give it to me.
Jerri:  Try this piece.
Bizz:  Yummy, yummy.  I want Clint to make this for me every day.  More, more.

Our burgers were quite good as well. Bizz ate about 1/3 of his burger and the rest is in the frig for another meal.  He loved it.  The good news was he would walk it all off at the beach.

We arrived at the beach at the end of Ocean Ave and parked.  I had to double back for the poo bags and Bizz waited quite impatiently.

Bizz:  What is that smell?
Jerri:  That's the ocean - the salt, the sand, the sea air.
Bizz:  What's that noise?
Jerri: That's the ocean.
Bizz:  What is this?
Jerri;  Sand.  And the Ocean.
Bizz:  All mine.

Bizz was on his long leash and headed down the sand to the water.  At first he deftly avoided getting wet but then a wave caught him and got his feet wet. The look on his face was priceless.

Bizz:  What is THIS?
Jerri:  That's called a wave baby.  They happen a lot here.
Bizz:  We'll see about that.

Well, we walked all over - probably around 2 miles and by the end Bizz was quite happy splashing about.  We got him back in the car and ended our day with a long drive up Route 1 and over the mountain home.  I popped Bizz in the bath and got all the sand and salt out of his hair and he is now settled in for a long sleep. He was so tired he could barely take his evening walk.  Just wait till he sees what we have planned for him tomorrow.

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