Sunday, November 10, 2013

Little Dog in the City

Bizz and I spent a few hours up in San Francisco today.  We drove up to see my friend Carolyn's new place and to have brunch nearby.  Bizz did not want to take his usual place in the car so he rode shotgun all the way to the city - sleeping on the passenger seat with an occasional pat on the head from me.

I was really impressed by Carolyn's place.  When I drove up it looked like a typical warehouse district. But they rented an apartment in a lovely building that was completely rebuilt - lots of glass, a receptionist at the front, lots of security and a roof top deck to die for.  Bizz loved it.  We had lunch outdoors at a terrific little restaurant and he was served his very own scrambled egg in a to go box. The egg went - but into his belly.  He quite enjoyed all the smells of the city, and added a few of his own. But hilariously he was most excited when we walked by the French butcher shop - I nearly lost him when he lunged to try and go through the door.  It must be the poodle in him.

Anyway, a lovely way to spend a lovely day.  More adventures to come.

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