Sunday, November 3, 2013

So much for daily blogging so far

ok, I admit it - I pledged to blog daily and immediately fell behind. I blame it on a new job, several clients, and a crazy dog who captures all my attention. So I am going to do 3 blogs today to catch up.  Here is the first - which is a set of photos of Bizz and his Halloween costume.   Bizz came into the office with me on Halloween - my first attempt at having Bizz in a workspace. He actually did very well. He hung in my office during the morning and played with my office mate and her boyfriend who was visiting. He got taken on several walks. And he came to lunch. That was the real test and performed like a pro - hung out all mellow and enjoyed his treats of turkey and cheese throughout.  He also came to a long meeting with me and did fine except when I took a break to use the bathroom. He stayed in the office but whined and scratched at the door the whole time.  Poor little man.

He did incredibly well Halloween night. Every time the doorbell rang I'd grab him and we'd answer the door together.  All the kids loved him and patted him.  One little boy who was obviously special was dressed as Iron Man. I told him that Bizz had never met Iron Man before. The little boy leaned in and told me that he wasn't really Iron Man and was concerned Bizz was confused. I told him to tell Bizz what he wanted to know and the boy knelt on my floor, put his arms around Bizz and told him he loved him.  I nearly cried. The mom did too.  So Bizz was a cutie patootie and won the hearts of everyone - what else is new.  More blogs to come.

Bizz as a devil dog

Check out those wings

His pumpkin costume was a little big but so cute
Here is Bizz in the office next to my desk with his beloved Pinkie.  He's wearing an orange halter to honor the day.

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