Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cultural Enrichment for Dogs

Since I've gone back to working in an office, my time with Bizzy has become more limited on the weekdays.  However, I've configured my work so we get an hour together before I leave each morning and I spend at least two hours in the evening just focused on him - we take walks, we play, we cuddle, all good things.

I am now coming up on a three day weekend, and I'm finding myself planning what kinds of activities Bizz and I will do.  Yes, I've become a mother.  I find myself thinking of my own Mom who's way of spending free time with me was primarily being in shopping mode.  Since she was an antique dealer we would often head out with a set of sites to visit - garage sales, other dealers shops, flea markets - and while she'd look at items and talk to the dealers I would do my own shopping. I collected books and all kinds of miniatures, as anyone who has seen my house can attest to since I still have most of them, and horse figurines.  Some sites were better than others, I remember a small antique market out in the country that was next to a horse farm. I'm not sure that my mom knew while she was shopping I was crossing a large field and climbing fences to get a closer look at the horses.  I don't think she focused on my cultural enrichment, but I did learn a lot about people and how to be a collector.

With Bizz my cultural enrichment program is primarily focused on finding him new places to explore.  We have currently got 5 regular walks we take - 3 paths in the neighborhood and 2 at the nearby park.  We walk in a couple of different places in Campbell and we take day trips to different towns.  But given I have a three day weekend at least one of the days we are going to take a longer field trip.  But to where I don't know yet.  Any ideas?

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