Sunday, November 3, 2013

Blankets for Shelter Dogs

There are two Sunday morning shows here in the Bay Area about raising and training dogs.  This morning one of the shows, Dog Tales,  moved me to tears. The show featured a group that is collecting blankets - new and old - for use in shelters.  If you've been to a shelter you'll see that many times the dogs are in concrete kennels.  The shelters just can't keep up with the demand so many dogs end up without a blanket or bed to lie on.  It's been shown that giving the dogs blankets will give them someplace to cuddle up and they become calmer. And a calmer dog is more likely to be adopted.  The show highlighted a group that works with assorted groups to get donated blankets and beds and deliver them to the shelters. 

So next time you are housecleaning and one of your blankets is a bit ratty - don't turn it into rags - wash it and give it to a shelter.  You will bring great comfort to a homeless, friendless little animal while he waits for his forever home.  I have a lot of extra yarn so I'm going to start turning it into blankets to donate to the shelter.  And I go to a lot of estate and yard sales - one group often sells used linens and blankets - I got Bizz 2 for $2.  From now on I'm going to pick up spare blankets for the shelter.

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