Monday, November 4, 2013

Tricorders for diabetics

I spent the day at FutureMed in San Diego.  Qualcomm got up to talk about the Qualcomm X Prize for a tricorder.  The tricorder was the device on Star Trek that Bones McCoy used to scan and diagnose a patient.  There are lots of them coming.  But diabetics, including myself, already carry a tricorder - our glucose meter.

What makes it a tricorder is that it takes a drop of your blood and tells you your blood glucose level.  
Blood glucose readings tell you more than a number - it informs what is happening - just like a tricorder.  How much insulin do I take, do I eat or take a walk?  Do I go to bed or march around the house for half an hour?  

So cool - I have a tricorder.  There are a lot of people here wearing Google Glass - is anyone else thinking Geordie LaForge from Next Generation?

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