Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dogs on Leash

On my way home tonight I nearly had a heart attack. A girl was walking her dog on the side of the road when suddenly he darted out right in  front of my car. He was not on his leash.  Seriously - you are walking your dog on a mildly busy road and you don't put your dog on a leash?  I did not hit - him thank god. It was dark and I could see she was there but she wasn't wearing anything light colored so I had really slowed down to make sure I didn't hit her.  Thank god I did.  Then she stood there screaming for the dog who wouldn't come.

Now I know that Bizz has escaped more than once out the front door and has run into the street. But we never leave the house these days without him being in his harness on leash. He is only let off in the yard or in a leash free park and even then I get him a good distance from the parking lot before he's allowed off leash.

So I promised to post each day and that's what is on my mind right now. I'll try to be more entertaining in the days to come.

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