Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dining out at Pampas

Last night I went to an amazing restaurant here in Palo Alto, CA.  It is called Pampas and is a Brazilian Restaurant that is a meat eaters delight.   The set up is very simple.  We all ordered the Rodizio and side bar. The side bar was a long salad bar filled with all kinds of veggies, salads, cured meats, fish and artisanal cheeses.  We all filled our plates though we were warned not to.  The Rodizio is an assortment of meats that is served by men circulating in the restaurant. A dozen all told. And they were amazing.  Top Sirloin, Filet Mignon, Lamb, Pork, different kinds of marinated chicken were all served to us and it was all delicious.  Much like dim sum or tapas - it all looks reasonable when it comes one little piece at a time.  But looking back we all just went to town.  As one of my co-workers said, the paleo diet come to life.

So the morning after I feel like I have a major food hangover.  My blood sugars didn't get too jacked up but my stomach is on strike and I could easily lie down for a nap right now. 

But for anyone wanting a gourmet treat who loves all kinds of meat I do recommend Pampas -  Bizz would have loved it but alas and alack - no outdoor seating.  And sadly - no doggie bags.

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