Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Little White Dog vs 3 Year Old

This Sunday I had to leave Bizz at home and head off to the beauty salon to get my hair done.  While there I discovered my hairdresser had brought her 3 year old stepson to be.  I found myself comparing Bizz and the three year old the entire time and realized they are more similar than you would ever imagine.

1.  The three year old repeatedly attempted to flee though the open door.  Susie had to keep one eye on him at all times since every time someone opened the door he'd attempt to take off.  Yes, Bizz does the same thing. An open door (or gate) to him symbolizes freedom, even though he has no clue what's out there or why he wants to go.

2.  A three year old has the attention span of a gnat - two toys were simply not enough for two hours.  Bizz is the same way.  He is endlessly roaming the house with his toys and abandoning them for something else.  New is best. 

3.  Three year olds have no compunction about demanding attention from everyone.  He approached every patron with the intention of engaging them in conversation. Bizz can't see a dog without immediately straining to engage.  Equally they both lose interest fairly rapidly.

4.  If there is a piece of furniture you don't want them on, well that's the one they will immediately climb on.  The three year old climbed on every piece - including the shampooing chairs.  Bizz would have done the same only much faster.

5.  They can make you feel terrible for yelling in a nanosecond.  Bizz has the most expressive eyes and so did this little boy.

6.  You spend a lot of time saying Sit and having the subject in question basically ignore you if there is something they find more interesting.

7.  What did you do?  Also an expression I am very familiar with.  At least the child can try to answer but mostly like Bizz he just would get big eyes and shrug.

The big advantage in taking Bizz along is that no one questions why he's on a leash.


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