Monday, August 19, 2013

Barking Dog, Sleepy Jerri

Bizz is a darling dog and I love him so much. But, there are times I would happily give him away to a passing carnival troop.  Bizz barks.  Loudly.  And with much melodrama at times. And won't stop.  Ack.

When I first got him he really never made a sound.  He never barked at all. It all changed when the plumber worked on the house for two straight days and made him nuts.  He started barking and it continued. 

Now, I don't mind if he barks when someone approaches the house.  That's part of his life mission.  To protect me from all interlopers and evildoers.  The poor mail man seems to be targeted for this.  However, when friends of mine came to stay the barking became ridiculous. He would stand outside their closed doors and bark incessantly.  He might eventually stop but would return in an hour and start again.  We tried them sleeping with their doors open and he would stand next to their bed and bark. 

So, I ordered an anti barking collar called the Dogtra No Bark collar.  The collar gives an electric shock to the dog when it barks.  What's good about it is the shock is adjustable and it gives the dog a warning vibration before it shocks them. 

Bizz wore it one night - got a shock - and henceforth did not bark while wearing it. He would not even give a peep.  Once the collar was removed the barking would start again.  But with the collar on he would simply huddle next to me, obviously saying I'm sorry, I'm sorry, and not make a peep. After two nights he no longer needed the collar during the night, just showing it to him and touching him with it (not shocking but touching) caused the barking to cease.

And since her visit in early July, no middle of the night barking.  Until about two weeks ago.  The barking started again.  Only at the back door.   He would go out, thoroughly inspect the entire yard, maybe pee, then come back in.  At 2 am.  Not fun.  I'm not sure why or where this behavior came from. My landlords have moved into a mother-in-law apartment on the property and perhaps it is the additional two humans and three dogs that is upsetting him.  Or some cat that is tormenting him. Or he's just decided that 2 am is a fun time to explore.

Given my need for sleep I reluctantly pulled out the collar. But I also started doing our evening walks later and making sure he hit the yard right before bed to make sure there were no issues, I do want him to bark rather than do business in the house.  I didn't use the collar right away. I waited for a night when the barking happened and I pulled it out.  He had it on for 5 minutes, not a peep.  I took it off and he spent the whole night cuddled up to me, his head on my stomach. And he hasn't barked in the middle of the night since. 

I am still not sure about the use of this device but it had stellar reviews, did not hurt Bizz at all and worked incredibly well. Now it is more of a deterrent than anything else.  For those dog owners out there, if the barking is getting to be too much (and at 2 am any barking is too much) I do recommend this product. 

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