Thursday, August 1, 2013

Fireworks and dogs do not mix

I had pretty much decided Bizz was fearless - he doesn't hesitate when running up to scold big dogs, chase cats or defend me from strangers ( he was hilarious in defending me from my friend Ravi this morning which mostly involved him barking at Ravi then running back to jump in my lap.). But he is terrified of fireworks.  I had hoped we were done till New Years but someone set off fireworks tonight when we were at the farthest point of our nightly walk.  Well he didn't bark or even shake but we made it home in record time tonight.  And he has not left my side since.  He even sat on my feet while I brushed my teeth.  We are now in bed - he is at my side, his head on my leg and periodically checking in to make sure I am still here.  Poor baby.  

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