Sunday, August 11, 2013

The best laid plans of dogs and women...

I had a great plan for yesterday and it almost went off without a hitch.  One of my resolutions for the month of August was taking one day of each weekend and taking off for somewhere either new or that I haven't visited for a while. Last weekend it was Fort Funston (not exactly new but new this summer and Bizz loves it).  This weekend the goal was Sausalito.  Marina joined Bizz and I for our little road trip. The first part went off without a hitch.  We drove up to Sausalito - enjoying everything up until the madness that is the Golden Gate Bridge. If you are not going to have people pay tolls but rather send them invoices, then take down the dadburned toll gates. I mean seriously, people jockeying for position with the toll booths is insane and somewhat dangerous.   We survived though Marina had a good laugh because the bus in front of us had a huge Stress Off Ad for some sort of vitamin water/drink thing and I was cursing at it and the bus when it cut us off.  She must have taken 10 pictures of the back of the bus.

In any case we arrived unscathed in Sausalito, parked the car and took Bizz for a lovely walk.  He just went nuts with the smells of the water, the trees, the people.  We eventually found a little sidewalk café for lunch.  They brought Bizz a big bowl of water and normally I would mention their name, except they did something that I think might hurt rather than help their business. I ordered Bizz a scambled egg as a treat and they brought it on a very nice table dish. I asked her if it was ok for him to eat off the plate since most places bring me a to go box since dogs aren't supposed to eat off the people dishes. She laughed and said I don't care and we gave the dish to Bizz.  In fact as usual he got the best service of anyone. 

After we continued to walk the waterfront, failing to see any of the America's Cup boats out on the water.  We did get to window shop and took turns going into stores, though not fun when Marina was left outside since Bizz would basically freeze or attempt to get into the shop. I was buying something and could hear her outside, "At least sit down sweetie if you aren't going to move."

We finished our day of walking and shopping with ice creams at Café Tutti, very tasty and with a nice outside table.  And they had a nice ice water station so Marina was able to fill up his bowl.  So we can use their name.  Two thumbs and a dew claw up.

Our final stop of the day was back in Santa Clara. My plan was to drop Bizz off with Marina to take a short walk so I could get gas and go through the car wash. I dropped Bizz and Marina near her place and headed to the car wash.  I saw them approaching while waiting on line but then lost sight of them.  A minute later there was Marina carrying Bizz heading right for the car.  She climbed in and told me something shocking. Bizz had been so desperate to find me he'd fought her the whole walk - straining to go back or refusing to move, and then as they were actually getting close he had reared up on his hind legs and managed to escape his harness and took off.  She was able to catch him but accumulated a few cuts and bruises.  I was and I am still horrified.  Poor Marina.  We then had to find a way to calm Bizz down because we were at the point of no return - we were heading into the car wash.  Good grief.

The good news was Marina had him in a tight grip and I focused on having him drink some water and stroking his head so we were able to survive the car wash. The last time he went nuts and leaped around the car like a maniac.  I dropped Marina off at home and Bizz sat in the front seat the whole ride home, the epitome of innocence personified.  "Who me?" was the look on his face though every time I stopped patting him he'd start barking.

So much for my quick and painless car wash. It was painful for all three of us.  From now on Bizz will have to stay home for my trips to the car wash. 

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