Wednesday, August 7, 2013

When Bizz Met Max

By 10:00 am this morning Bizz and I had completed our good deed of the day.  We were out for our morning constitutional when what should appear ahead of us but a small white dog.  Now, I must say - I never noticed small white dogs much before I got Bizz - but now I think I'm a small white dog magnet.  The dog was looking at us anxiously from the other side of a bush Bizz was busy watering.  I didn't want to scare the dog - I could see he was well cared for and had a collar but it is so unsafe for little dogs to be roaming free - that I decided we should catch him.  Bizz overcame his usual disdain for other dogs (he is just not a player) and strained to meet the little dog.  The dog led us on a bit of a chase then went through an open gate into the back yard of a nearby house.  I went and knocked on the front door to no avail - no one home.  I thought briefly of shutting the gate but then thought if the dog doesn't belong to this house I'm creating problems for the dog (who would have no access to shelter and water) and the homeowner (who would be dealing with a strange dog in their yard. 

I got lucky and the house next door's garage door opened and a woman came out. I explained the situation and she told me that it was just Max.  He did belong to the house next door and we walked over and closed the gate. 

It was a great reminder to me on how important it is to check both gates before ever letting Bizz into our yard. 

As for doing a good deed - I had a woman come to my house yesterday - she'd seen a truck being driven around our neighborhood in an odd fashion - making several U-Turns - then stopping in front of my house.  She watched the man go through our gate then come out right away and hope in his truck and drive away. She immediately crossed the street to knock on my door to let me know. I thanked her - and she said, "We're all neighbors and I don't want anyone messing with our neighborhood.".  Turns out the truck belonged to our gardener but it made Isabelle and I more aware of keeping things that might tempt someone away from the gate. 

All in all a great start to the day.

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