Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bizzy and Jerri Go To School

Yesterday was yet another crazy day.  Bizzy and I managed to do 3 miles worth of walking.  On our morning walk we met a woman who has three maltese dogs and she immediately recognized Bizzy's heritage.  She gave me some very helpful advice on coat care, weeds to avoid with stickers and even better - offered to do a play date with her dogs.  She also told me that Maltese are an ancient breed (going back to the ancient Greeks) and were known for their hunting skills.  It totally explains his interest in chasing all birds.

When we got home Bizzy ran around a bit then asked to go into the yard. I put him out, went in and put away his harness and leash and when I came out he was gone. There was a hole in the front gate that I was unaware of.  I panicked and started yelling his name.  He didn't come back Isabel came out and we split up to search the neighborhood. He had shown a lot of interest in a cat a block away on our walk and I headed in that direction. I kept calling and suddenly - there he was.  He came running right at me and jumped in my arms.  I was so relieved - I hadn't known how much I'd grown to love him until I thought I'd lost him.  Little nut job.  Isabel and I were incredibly relieved. 

So last night we had our second obedience class. He seemed a bit cranky - some other dog bullied him and it stressed Bizz out. However we made our third mile of walking in our practice sessions of walking on leash around the store. He did really well at that.  For anyone who adopts an adult dog - definitely go to class. It teaches you about dog care and how to interact appropriately with your dog. And it gives you the opportunity to learn why certain behaviors are important.  We have 4 classes to go and of course I will post updates.

Morning blood sugar was great and 3 miles yesterday helped keep everything in control.

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