Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bizzy and the Long Walk

Bizzy and I took an incredible walk last night - took my phone so I could chat with my friend and off we went.  Over 50 minutes and we ended up following my street way down. In less than a week I'm already walking much farther than I would have thought possible.  And most hilarious - while we started out with him pulling me along, by the end he was trotting at my heels, came in and immediately collapsed.  We went to sleep around 11:30 and we were both out until 8 am.

Blood sugar was 150 - a bit higher than I'd like but I'd had a big dinner the night before with carbs.  Before Bizzy we would have been looking at 220 in the am due to the carbs.

Today - we're off to the beach.  More pics to follow from that.  He won't be let off the leash since the seals are having their babies and we'll be near the bird sanctuary.  He'll still get a long walk and have a great time.  Here he is resting up for his busy day.

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