Monday, March 25, 2013

Our Big Walk

Yesterday was my blood sugar was great all day - partly because Bizzy and I walked our 10,000 steps. 10,000 steps has become a very common health metric.  My friend Kathy, who lives in Rochester, NY, does a city wide health challenge every year and the 10K steps plus 5 cups of fruits and veggies are how you get points on a daily basis. 

So our first 1100 steps were in Los Gatos, where we went to get my bangs trimmed. From there we picked up Ellen and had a quick lunch (thank god for outside tables) then on to the Baylands. On San Antonio in Palo Alto there is a park where you can hike along the Baylands.  We saw so many birds - Geese, grebes, ducks and enormous pelicans throughout the walk.  Bizz was like a dog on a mission.  We did 8000 steps in about an hour and a half - which translates to 4 miles.  And he was pulling on his leash the whole time. 

My research on Maltese tell me that they are herd/hunting dogs in the ancient world and Bizz definitely has that instinct.

In any event he was go go go right up until we got home.  Then he crashed big time.  He was so tired.  4 miles is a big deal when you are less than 2 feet tall. He napped for hours, we had an early night and he slept straight through.  What I love is that he likes to stay near me so when I would move he would sleepily get up, follow me then sit down and just blink.  He was a sleepy guy.

So for the diabetics - the doctors don't lie - the more exercise you get the better your sugars will be. And having a little dog to pull you along works in two ways - he keeps you going but also he keeps your pride going as well.

We did our last 900 steps last night on a very short walk - he so didn't want to go - but he did his business and then we were both out. 

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