Friday, March 22, 2013

Well I need to say this - dogs are a lot of work.  Bizz is now very much my constant companion -  since I work at home we are together practically 24/7 though I do leave him home when I go to meetings or today when I went out to lunch.  But I will say this - he is increasing my exercise dramatically. 

And my blood sugar is doing great.  Yesterday my morning reading was 124 - which is amazing for me.  Today it was a bit higher in the morning but that's because I ate a few pretzels before bed because I was so hungry.  We did 2 half hour walks and one long 40 minute walk yesterday.  That's 1 hr and 40 minutes of walking in a single day - my doctor will lose her mind.

Today started off a bit better - Bizz is getting better about letting me sleep a bit later and we headed out at 8:50 for a walk.  We ran into a very large dog (Bailey) and his owner Ruby and walked together for a bit. They played together in a small children's park off leash though I made sure he did his morning business before we went in.  He romped which is great to see though he is getting a bit edgier around big dogs - I think they scare him.  I had to take a call so we kept going - I was amazed when I looked up and we were a mile away from the house so turned around.  So an hour walk this morning and we're now chilling a bit before I head out.  The nice part is I know he will be rested for our adventures this afternoon.

I cannot say enough about how having a dog increases your exercise and how much more connected I feel to the other people in my neighborhood.

Oh, and the book group I went to last night was in a coffee shop so I asked when I got my drink if I was allowed to bring him in when I order there (they do have outside tables). The counterman said if he is a quiet dog they would not only let me bring him in to order but also to sit quietly inside. Something to try out.  But I will keep this in mind as we find dog friendly places to go.

I'd love to know who's reading my blog so feel free to leave me comments or ask questions.  Here is a new photo of Bizz for my dog loving readers.

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