Sunday, March 24, 2013

Strolling Down the Avenue

I keep hearing the song Me and My Shadow over and over in my head.  I think it is because i now have a constant shadow whenever Bizzy is around. He follows me around the house and of course anywhere we go on his leash.  In fact he was sound asleep on his bed in the family room and now he's followed me into my office and is now on his office bed.  In any case - I can see why people love dogs - they are devoted little guys.

Yesterday I took Bizz out in Campbell downtown. We took a walk up a side street so he could do his business on grass, flowers, etc then we walked straight down Campbell Ave.  And I learned a lot. 

1.  Dog lovers are everywhere and dog lovers really love Bizz.  We were outside a toy store when a woman carried out her screaming toddler.  Bizz had to investigate and I explained he was very sweet and he did give the little girl kisses and helped her calm down.  Her mom told me that Campbell does dog walk evenings where all the stores give out dog treats and let dogs in.  Definitely keeping those in mind.

2.  People love his story.  I know I am a story teller but I like to tell his story because it makes people stop and think about what is happening to animals in other places.  Being rescued from a kill shelter and being so amazingly good natured just resonates.

3.  Real dog people will come over and just start chatting and they all love to pat Bizz.  People have always commented on my ability to start conversations with strangers - oddly a lot of the time in airports.  Well with Bizz that ability is intensified about 1000%.   I can see that with him along networking is going to be amplified.

4.  Bizzy is good with everyone - he really is non aggressive with people and other dogs.  Our issue seems to be an intense desire to chase birds (though if he caught one he'd be horrified I'm sure) and a real barking issue with cats. 

We met with Taysa for an hour and she laughed since he draped himself over my lap and slept while we talked.  She adored him immediately and of course Bizz loved the attention.

So our daily total - we did two walks for 6000 steps. My blood sugar this morning was 150 - not perfect but pretty good considering I tried taking only half of my evening dose of long acting insulin.  As sugars come down less insulin is required so things are going well.

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