Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Blog Day 1 - Walking with Bizz

The first thing I can say is that after 5 days with Bizz my walking has definitely increased. Before he came into my life on Saturday I was basically a sedentary lump.  I wore a pedometer for a week and except for weekend walks with friends if I hit 1000 steps in a day that was a good day.  And my sugars in the morning ranged from 175 into the 200's (normal is 80-100 fasting, prediabetic is 100-125).  So I was screwed.  Well this morning my blood sugar was 125.  And here is why - after being out to dinner last night with friends I came home and even though it was rainy and cold Bizz and I took a walk - about 2000 steps.  He had been walked yesterday morning quite extensively and we'd been outside many times to do his bizziness.

 So this morning I got up, tested and saw the 125, we had breakfast - kibble and a spoon full of Greek yogurt for him and high fiber cereal and greek yogurt for me. Then we went out and walked 2000 steps then came home so I could get to work.  He's been in and out a few times so at noon I am at 2288 steps.  I have to run out for a meeting so someone is coming to spend the afternoon working here and taking Bizz for his afternoon walk.  I'll be back later and we'll do the dog park, some shopping, dinner then another walk.  I'll report in tomorrow on blood sugar and steps for today. 

Key Learning:  You must walk a dog.  Hence you must get exercise. And a dog will not leave you alone to play if you are around so he is reducing my tv time - except our 1 hour evening cuddle before his walk - and I have to go to bed early since he is up at 7 am come rain or shine.

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